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So what.

New Years Eve 2K7: "NYE 2K7: BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!*"

Does anyone even like New Years? Actually? I fucking don't. I appreciate the fact that it's a chance to straighten your life out for the upcoming year, but honestly? You can do that ANY FUCKING DAY. Why wait until January 1st? It's not like anyone actually keeps up with their resolutions.
Trying to kiss your crush at the midnight bell is stupid. If I had any balls (clearly, I don't) I'd do it before 11:00pm. It would be unlooked for and well, pleasantly surprising. New Years kisses are so generic. What about a New Years ass grab? Everyone grab some ass at 12:00am. Or midnight turbo-humping? No? Have I completely missed the mark like Michael Bay?

Uhhh....my favorite holiday is St. Patricks day. Word!


Why havn't they brought The Raccoons back on the air?

-Jami, yo

*High-five to Ghandi! (while standing through the sun-roof of a limo)
December is going. Smoothly? I would say so.

Work is taking over my life and I'm strangly content. Maybe it's because of ____ or because of _____, or just plain hard ____. But I'm not complaining. I'm already of book III of War & Peace!

I'm pretty sure I'm working New Years Eve, and I'm happy about that.

I'm also pretty sure that lego-buildng art exibits are the coolest thing in the world. And Andrew W.K. And the Heroes.

Tra la la

I was handed some sort of an epiphany today in my lesson. Kinda thrown at me. I think we've passed a hurdle. I think..

..I'm going to stop.

Good-bye, friend.
Yeah, I'm really not going to lie.

The new Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix trailer made me happier than any person I spoke to today.

Tomorrow night I'm going to Happy Feet. To watch the trailer on the big screen. Fuck yes.

Also, I'm pretty sure that The Silmarillian will keep me satisfied in every way, shape and form for the rest of my life.
About a world that doesn't exist..? Why can't I take school in that?

OH WAIT! I CAN! In Texas. Bother.
Um, sweet. Just plain sweet. Not going to explain, just know that it's sweet.

BUT THAT IS NOT SWEET, FUCK. I UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh, can't believe you. Way to fucking cave. Way to just...oh GOD I'm so frustrated. FUCK.

Hahahahah, well now! Captain Dreamworkhotpants is gone, and work is boring. But last night I played bartender, and it was awesome. I also made $40 in tips, thanks to a kindly old man who won over $2200. I love my job.

I want Nutana Cafe soup. I need it. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.
Okay, so, I bought these sweet vans on the internet and they came in the mail yesterday. Too big. An entire size too big. Who would have known? Anyway, I tried putting insoles in them and they are still too big. I'm afriad I'll have to sell them. This is so sad, I've wanted these shoes for millenia.

so anyone wanna buy some black Vans Oldschool Classics, in size Mens 7? They're brand new. $40. Steal of a deal, considering they're origionally $60. Please.

In other news, my hair (overnight) has gone curly. Who would have known? I've decided this is huge information, and that you all want to/need to know about my hair texture. Fuck.

Today I get to work with Hottie McDreampants, and becuase it's Tuesday it shouldn't be busy meaning that we'll get to have 7 hours of sweet, sweet time together and it will be awesome. Maybe the ice machine is fixed. Hhmm.. Maybe he'll invite me to watch movies on his brand new T.V. soon.

I'm going to Edmonton this weekend. I will be spending a lot of money. Excitement!

I need to understand that I'm never going to be good enough for the people I love.

Ah, you know how we do.

So. Lately (okay, really only just today) I feel as if I've been bombarded with way too much information. WHOA, as Gerald would say. It's all okay, I mean..aside from that, or THAT, rather, everything is going to be all right. I hope everyone is okay, and not just you, or you. But really, the main point here is I havn't watched nearly enough Neon Genesis Evangelion this week. Not nearly enough.

Oh wow, Anna Karenina is on the tele right now, and they're using one of Rachmaninov's vesper pieces and it's oh-so-beautiful, and I'm having a really hard time concentrating on anything other than the beautiful choral music in the next rooom..

So anyway, I work with this dude. Now, he's a pretty sweet dude, he is always really nice to me in one of those coy-flirty type ways, and I must say - it tickles my fancy. That is to say, I've developed a new work-fancy. He's into history (bonus), and 80's pop music/borderline electronica (double bonus). I think the thing that really got me with him was the fact he knew every word to "Rock Lobster", and used the jukebox to play "Party all the Time". Oh, and he brought his iPod to work just so I could listen to it when I wasn't doing anything (which is my entire job, basically). And I love him. And we played trivial persuit, and honestly I'm only making a deal about this because I have been void of crushes for over a year. Whatever, you suck.

My wisdom teeth are starting to give me headaches.

I'm going to Edmonton in three weeks to visit PETER HENDERSON, and it's going to be awesome beacuse we're all going to get so wasted and party all the time and be cool and stuff. And possibly I'll come home with a sweet sword..ohh yeah...

I'm coming to get you, I'm coming to find you. Say hello to your new best friend.

pen-pen or p2? The bath is to the left.

So, this week really sucked. But you know, I'm aight with that. Really. Some weeks suck, and some weeks are really good. Most are mediocre, but we all get over it.

This weekend was a disaster, but a silly disaster. I'm getting really good at being able to handle situations in which I feel awkward, or wrong. A good thing, if you ask me. I am not getting really good at avoiding situations, though. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that I provoke them. Hah, good thing I'm totally not!!! Jokes on you!!!


Oh god, I'm tired.

I wish I brought knitting.

Today is a really fucking shitty day. I'm pretty sure it can't be stress, seeing as I don't do anything in my life that could possibly cause me stress. I feel like I need to vomit. I feel very lonely, and vulnerable and frustrated and stupid and really really stupid.

but most of all -- MOST OF ALL -- I just really really feel like eating another sandwich, like I mentioned in my last entry, because that was s fucking awesome sandwich.

And becasue of eating said awesome sandwich, I'm positive that my woes will just float away, and everything will be peachy. Because everything is always peachy.

We studied Stephen Colbert today in English. I bet my english class is wayyy better than yours is, loser.
Today I found a coat that I really wanted to buy, but it was on the internet. If anyone has a credit card (or $40.00 in a paypal account), and are willing to help a brotha out (I will pay you money + sweet loving + possibly cookies), I would be greatly obliged.

This coat needs me. And I need you.

So, in conclusion, I'm going to make a humungoid sandwich to eat and it's going to rock.