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folic acid, 5-10mg


I'll tell you whats up: not a lot, actually.

So, I'll admit it. I used to laugh at New Wave. Totally. Thought it was useless. Now I just can't get enough. Really. I havn't gone on a music binge like this since I discovered music in high school. Can't. Get. Enough.

Lately I've been thinking about friends, and friendships. I'm a huge dongface a lot of the time, and I'm pretty flakey. I love my friends, and I probably love you too. (even if we don't talk a lot). Also, making new friends and meeting new people is really hard, and slightly painful. And somewhat awkward. Maybe that's just me - I'm awkward about 89% of the time..Oh well! 

May long sucks. The only thing I'm excited about this weekend is making time and a half on Monday. I should buy a laptop so I can bring it to work and write about how boring my job is. Yeah. I'll make fourteen livejournal posts in 4 hours updating the ongoing conversations with the day bar staff, Joanne and Pam, who also work at the soccer centre together and smoke like machines and eughhh, and then I'll tell you how much beer stock we received that day (it will be ZERO becuase Monday is a holliday!) and then I'll complain about VLT addicts and then I'll go home, make a post about being bored and at home, and about how I wanna play Wii really badly, and then I WILL go play Wii, and come home and write about how I ACTUALLY played Wii, and then I'll go to bed. Good day, I like this plan. I bet you can't wait.

TRIP TO VANCOUVER SOON! Not sure when, but SOON. 
(Sid, I saw Invader Zim last night and thought of you the entire time)

Sometimes I really amuse myself.

you best believe I'm in love, l u v..

No, seriously, it was really, really lame.

I'm supposed to be in P.A. right now for a wedding, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city(?) with work crush, but nooooo, someone had to be rediculous with the cash flow and spend it all. Goodbye, drunken courting, goodbye drunken... wii party?
anyway. Point is, I'm kicking myself in the pants right now. 

And speaking of Wii party! HOLY CRAP, if I ever need to buy a game console, it's obviously the Wii. My god. This thing could change the face (and shape) of society! If everyone had a wii, and played it for 60-90 minutes a day, we could get rid of obesity all together. No, really, I'm serious. It was like playing DDR. Amazing. Congrats, Nintendo.

Well, hello rich text!

I really meant to comment on the Andrew W.K. show from last month. I really did. But it was so mediocre that I just forgot about it. Yep. I guess if watching sweaty metal-heads bouncing around on the stage at Ryly's to techno beats they don't understand/can't dance to then it was a totally awesome show. If it isn't, then you wasted $15.00.
Don't get me wrong - A dub K is a really awesome, cute guy. I wanted go up and hug him - and I would have, if there weren't Ryly bitches and fat guys in the way.  Oh well, he had fun. He played some songs, and played even more dance music.
I ditched out early, crushing forever my dreams of dancing around merrily with the happiest guy on earth. Whatever.

Music festival is finally over. I did okay, I won 4 out of my 6 classes, and made $425.00, which I spent. Ughhh...

Does anyone know where I can get a Wii? How about a Paul Smith wallet? I hate birthdays.

I've been out of my basement suite for over a month now, and I'm still not done packing. I feel terrible.

I always like coming back to livejournal and reading whatever it is I wrote last visit, but decided not to print. Makes me laugh. and realize that yes, good idea I didn't print that to the journal.
Anyone else feel that way? what?

I moved back home this weekend. Funny feeling; everything I own smells like ass. It sucks. I bought a whole bunch of smelly candles to stink the basement up even more with. Hopefully I don't burn everything down. That would totally suck for my mom when she gets back:
"oh hey mom, how was your trip?"
"wheres the house that belongs to the concrete steps you're sitting on?"
"oh, I bought candles."
That won't happen. I'm not Buster. I can handle candles.

Hopefully he bleeds on me! Maybe I'll just wear white, and catch it all and then wear the shirt underneath all my other shirts and become completely repulsive and smelly. YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSss, theoretically awkward situations are awesome!

I need a full time day job soon. Anyone know of anything? Preferably sans dress-code. Dress code can shove it, anyway. Really. If you're doing an 8 hour job of selling BEER and WINE and COOLERS, why do you need to wear dress pants? "Look better than your customers", WOW. That's not hard, seeing as about 80% of the customers wear sweats and look slobby..

Anyway. Beer and Burgers at The Yard. Best Monday night ever.
Later, losersfaces.

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I'm getting really impatient with Spring. WTF? Just because March is a bitch month every other year, doesn't mean it has to be a bitch month this year. Thanks a lot, Mo' Nat. I really hate you sometimes. I really hate trudging....
I need new shoes. Srsly, some nice shoes. I also need some runners, and coffee cream and coffee for that matter. But not right now at this exact moment.
Battlecat has made her presence known. She loves me. Sleeps on my bed when I'm not there, sleeps on my lap when I'm on the computer...rubs my legs when I'm getting ready in the morning..there's nothing like the undying affection of a pet to get you through your long days.
Now I'm just rambling.

[Oh, Darren:
Yehs, eet wahs ae wohnderful pehrformance. Baesed on thee noise of Bahts, you see.
I'm sure Gyula has a recording of his piece, and if I can I'll send you a copy. I feel pretty bad though, we screwed up majorly for the "world premiere". Anyway, this Sunday is the composition recital and I'm singing a collection of songs by a new guy who reminds me a lot of you - Grant Sawatzky. His style is very simple, as your songs were and I'm sure you'd like to here these as well. Hopefully it is recorded too. 3 Emily Dickinson poems. They're really nice.]

I should go to bed. I've got a whole lot of Jane Austen to think about tonight. That, and ....

wann, o lechelndes bild - welches die morgen roth, durch die seele mir strahlt - find ich auf erden dich?
Oh Holty..so melodramatic.
I think I hate the internet.
I KNOW I hate Myspace, I never use it anymore. I used to be on that sucker like, 5 times a day, semi-stalking peeps and leaving comments. Not anymore.
I used to update LJ semi-regularily. Now, not at all.
I guess you could say I'm busier than usual? No, not really. Just... ?
My cousin is getting married and I'm super excited.
I'm moving home in April, and I'm also excited about that. Though, I'm going to miss Adrianna/privacy/Battlecat very much. And possibly Pepper.
And tonight I'm singing "noises of bats" aka. Trous Noir by Gyula Csapo
Oh, good lord -
the internet bores me.
I'm back. Not that it really matters, but I am.

Europe was a fascinating experience, I must say. Beautiful, weird.. I felt slightly out of place (possibly because I was running around with 44 other foreigners), but it was increadable. So many memories, so many tours, so many clocks.

I was most impressed by the architecture (Gothic cathedrals get me every time). Also, the colour choice of buildings was rather unique, and not at all North American. Which was awesome. The weather was perfect, the people were perfect (well..my posse, everyone else was annoying, as I'm sure I was too), the food was..heavy and deep fried (mm, Schnitzel/weird Czech fried chicken/some sort of potato meals) and they had good coffee. Really, really good coffee.

Also, I realized how much I don't want to live here anymore. Enough said.

There were a lot of inside jokes made which I won't talk about because no one would appreciate them (save Steph if she reads this), and a lot of room bonding (Anime/HSR!), plus a lot of Communist comments. Ahhhem. It was a really good trip. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them from people who took pictures. (I left my camera at home - why? because I suck fat loads)

Ya, bye

god god god god god good god

Why do all the guys who come into Maguires look like they dressed up in my gigantor-bosses closet with a little mix of ghetto and a dash of country-fabulous? Why?

Now, I'm making a large generalization here because not everyone wears their pants around their calves, but when you see the same rediculous plaid hoodie (oversized, mind) on seriously, like* 5 different people...

Fuck I hate my job.

On another note, I've had this one pair of pajama pants (blue with ice-skating penguins - "I love to skate and snowboard near my cosy penguin hotel"?) since grade 6. Nine years. I remember the day I bought them beacuse my mom yelled at me for buying myself something around Christmastime instead of gifts for others. The penguins aren't even snowboarding, theyre skiing. What a rip-off.

*nothing like a good spoken-to-typed literary crutch

les miserables

I go to Europe in 8 days. That's pretty much all I'm thinking about.
I'm lying!
Not enough money, clothes don't fit, I'm bored at home/bored at work.
Need something, need a #1 bestseller!
How about Breakfast of Champions?
It's just right there...
I've got cabin fever, whoaaa, whoa.

Don't wanna go tonight, just don't wanna go.
I hate Curie tests! Majid, all your answers were WRONG. I also hate YOU.
Dear Holidays in general:
Please quit getting so hyped up, because in reality, you're never that much fun.

On a side note: I don't think I'm getting anywhere in any of my 'situations', and I'm beginning to give up/die a little every time I'm given the opportunity to do something spectacular. What. Ever.


I hate how my life is a giant yarn ball of frustration, constantly unraveling and making life shitty. And frustrating. Right.

Skittles [my awesomely dumb cat] has some sort of lump on his back. I think it's cancer, and I'm going to admit that I'm very worried.

Is it ironic to smile when you hear Joy Division? I do it aaallll the tiiimmeee.

(Love you, Ian Curtis!)