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I'm getting really impatient with Spring. WTF? Just because March is a bitch month every other year, doesn't mean it has to be a bitch month this year. Thanks a lot, Mo' Nat. I really hate you sometimes. I really hate trudging....
I need new shoes. Srsly, some nice shoes. I also need some runners, and coffee cream and coffee for that matter. But not right now at this exact moment.
Battlecat has made her presence known. She loves me. Sleeps on my bed when I'm not there, sleeps on my lap when I'm on the computer...rubs my legs when I'm getting ready in the morning..there's nothing like the undying affection of a pet to get you through your long days.
Now I'm just rambling.

[Oh, Darren:
Yehs, eet wahs ae wohnderful pehrformance. Baesed on thee noise of Bahts, you see.
I'm sure Gyula has a recording of his piece, and if I can I'll send you a copy. I feel pretty bad though, we screwed up majorly for the "world premiere". Anyway, this Sunday is the composition recital and I'm singing a collection of songs by a new guy who reminds me a lot of you - Grant Sawatzky. His style is very simple, as your songs were and I'm sure you'd like to here these as well. Hopefully it is recorded too. 3 Emily Dickinson poems. They're really nice.]

I should go to bed. I've got a whole lot of Jane Austen to think about tonight. That, and ....

wann, o lechelndes bild - welches die morgen roth, durch die seele mir strahlt - find ich auf erden dich?
Oh Holty..so melodramatic.
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