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Wow, this is more of a shitbox than I remembered..

I think I hate the internet.
I KNOW I hate Myspace, I never use it anymore. I used to be on that sucker like, 5 times a day, semi-stalking peeps and leaving comments. Not anymore.
I used to update LJ semi-regularily. Now, not at all.
I guess you could say I'm busier than usual? No, not really. Just... ?
My cousin is getting married and I'm super excited.
I'm moving home in April, and I'm also excited about that. Though, I'm going to miss Adrianna/privacy/Battlecat very much. And possibly Pepper.
And tonight I'm singing "noises of bats" aka. Trous Noir by Gyula Csapo
Oh, good lord -
the internet bores me.
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