Beard, piercing, tattoo's.

ohhhh man, he's so good looking! And we're going out tonight!

I feel really silly about my emotional ups and downs. It will be fixed in good time.

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le sigh.

I don't think I am. I keep telling myself over and over that I'm not. But if I'm not, then why do I keep thinking about it? I shouldn't. I really shouldn't. It'll just make me frustrated and sad (probably) and I don't need that. Not now. I've got motivation now. Now I'm feeling kinda good. Weird.

But in the midst of all this, I still dont ____ ______. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

I miss how easy this used to be. And by easy, I really mean

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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: quit being such a hot Henry VIII.

so, who hates sleeping in the same bed as someone else? I do.
I really do.
Sharing beds is gross. Especially if the person you're sharing a bed with is perma-hot, and your bed as 2 down comforters on it. And a cat. And then that person steals the blankets and sleeps in the middle of the bed, being all hot and sweaty. Yeah. Gross. Sleep-sweat is the absolute worst.

My god, I am such a prude.
I am soooo lonely.
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This weekend blew chunks. Fat chunky chunks.
Why, you ask?
I shall tell you!
I learned so much about people that I held in high regard. People who I thought were genuine and good turned out to be total douche bags. Sex-craved douchy douches. I..
Sure. Crave sex. It's a crave-worthy thing. But don't do it with someone while you're dating someone else. Don't even hint at it. 
Maybe I'm just a little biased and jaded in the subject of infidelity. Who the fuck knows.
My friend got beat up yesterday.
I felt sick all day. And today.
It's horrible because I work with one of the sex-craved douches almost 24 hours a day, and I work with all the others almost every evening. I can't look at any of them without thinking "SCUMMY DOUCHE BAG SHITHEADS"

oh my.

In other news, the Mozart Requiem was AMAZING. FUCKING GORGEOUS. Johane totally stole the fucking show. I have never, ever cried at a local musical performance but for some reason I just bawled. So did the girl next to me. It was magical! Yay Mozart!! Yay Johane!!

I feel good about singing. High C's are no big deal anymore, and Garry told me I have a big voice and that I have to deal with it. He also told me that my voice is very flutey, and that I need to get over that. It was a frustrating coaching, but it was well worth it. For the first time in a while I'm excited to be in a transitional stage.

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I work with a team of douchebags.
A gaggle, if you will. 
I went to the zoo the other day. Tigers are actually really, really big. I mean, I always knew they were large cats, but when you stick your head up right beside them they get real big. Their heads are the size of like..two of my heads. And I have a giant skull.
A great big fucking skull.
I just like the word skull.
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 ohhh gooooddddd.......................

This shit is whack, yo! WHACK!
Time flies, you know.. (& rats.)
oh, I almost forgot: I'm home again. 
Vancity was fun, but mostly only really fun when I saw Sid. ilu sid. I love my aunt, too, but she's 59 and doesn't drink and goes to bed at 11 and is into philosophy.
I just don't have time to comprehend philosophy. 
Too much mind-fluff.
So, Sid..thanks for making my trip extra special! (From now on Tetris will remind me of you. That, and those lurvely boots you gave me. They fit like a glove..a very leathery, rubbery stiff glove.)
My cellular divice is dying.
Good news: I FINALLY GOT MY DASH FIXED. That's right. Kickass tunes in my car all the time from now on. There is no room for silence. Only room for Zero Boys and Motorhead. And other good bands.
I came on the computer 2 hours ago to translate music and all I did was surf Facebook. I am a horrible person.


I missed 3 inches of blood on Monday. BUMMMERRR. 

Good night. Lock your doors.
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Hi there!

I don't do anything anymore!
I watch movies with one person!
I drank half a bottle of wine last night! Pinot Griggio!
We watched X[one] and didn't understand anything because it's not a movie! It's a tv show!
How interesting!
Harry Potter is over! Sad! (sad that that's all I wanna say about it..)
I'm going to Vancouver in a little over a month! By myself! Psyched!
I want a new fall coat!

Yesterday morning I had this dream where there were about 30 of us "Hogwarts" kids sitting around in Hogwarts trying to figure out what to do with this bacon that had the secret weapon that Voldemort needed to fulfill the prophecy concerning Harry and himself, and so Dumbledore decided that we should fry up that pack of bacon, and also fry up 100 other packs of bacon to serve as decoys, and we knew shit was gonna hit the fan when this statue of an angel on the astronomy roof started crying blood tears, and she did, and it started raining and I was sitting in the rain when she started crying blood for some reason and then I woke up. 
And 5 minutes later my mom came downstairs and said "hey Jami, I'm making bacon and eggs. Do you want some?" and then I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast.
who dreams about food?

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So, it's been a while.

There's a lot thats new now, but most of it is trivial and boring. Not to me, but I'm sure it is to you.

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea if I got a full-time day job, on top of my other (full-time) night job AND the Opera this summer. I'm sooooooooo awesome. I LOVE being ridiculously busy/overtired/underfed/crusty all the time! Nah, it's not that bad. I enjoy being up at 8am every day, though traffic is horrible and I miss staying up till 4am kinda.

I watched a couple movies since my last post, too. 
#1. Jesus Camp.
- don't rent it
- if you're uninformed about Evangelists, then this movie would be somewhat informative and interesting, but if you actually know anything about Evangelists then this movie was somewhat boring. 
- ooooooo, children being used for the greater good of God. oooooooooooo.
- I'm totally over children being used as a scare tactic. I don't really care if an 8 yr old is protesting an aboriton clinic. That's their perogative. (joke?) (i dunno)

#2. Pans Labyrinth.
- best movie of the year, wow
- loved it loved it loved it.
- best representation of a Faun, ever. Eff off Chronicles of Narnia.

Umm, getting blatantly hit on is really weird and awkward. I don't think I'm a fan.

Right, anyway. I'm bored. It's hot out and I have no one to take my lunch break with. I want a coffee. Damn you Circle Dr.! Damn you to hell!
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Well, well. Well.


my back hurts.

I recently found a shitty quality picture of the northern lights that a dear friend gave to me in highschool. It's in a frame, now. Fancy that!

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